One of the joys of cigar smoking is the ability to be surprised. I have been smoking cigars for three years now, and I’ve learned that cigars are hard to predict. A number of conditions can turn an excellent cigar into an average one or even worse. And vice versa.

I went to the Big Smoke in Las Vegas in 2016, and as usual, came back with 70 or so different cigars. One of those was the La Palina Nicaragua Oscuro. Not knowing anything about it (I didn’t recognize the LP stood for La Palina), I smoked it today after dinner. mine was a Toro, 6 x 50.

Looking at the stick, I love the middle of the road brownish color, with the nice satin patina of the wrapper. The feel of the cigar was firm, but not crisp, which tends to indicate that the humidity content was correct. The cigars has been sitting in the plastic travel bag with the humidifier pack for the last couple of month. I’m not an expert on humidors, and I feel like the bag is a good way to keep cigars if your humidor is full.

The initial taste was spicy, which settled after a few puffs. The draw was firm, but not difficult, and remained constant throughout.

The ash was close to perfect, which always pleases. I assume it is the indication that the cigar maker paid attention to the content as they were rolling it. That’s all and fine talking about it, but always hard to maintain consistently in a production environment.

As always, with the cigars that I prefer, the taste kept improving, and I had a hard time putting the cigar away when it was gone.

Overall, an excellent cigar from a company that I knew for their Red Label cigar. I highly recommend this stick for folks that enjoy medium to strong cigars, to be smoked carefully for its great taste.

Here is a link to the company page for this beauty: